The Gold Karaoke Van

A unique space for people to sing, enjoy each other and smile (loudly). Consider it your “joy ride” for celebrating, team-building and experiencing music.

Kelsey and GiGi  Photo by Dana Pleasant

Kelsey and GiGi Photo by Dana Pleasant

Kelsey McManus is the woman behind the van. Since elementary school, she's used karaoke to process her experiences and emotions, discovering that she’s more positive—and usually has a better day—after singing. Kelsey revels in the idea that karaoke sessions can happen in all kinds of places: her childhood bedroom looking in the mirror with a hairbrush “mic," various apartments with friends, in her car traveling across the country, or on stage at a karaoke bar. No matter what time of day or how many people, one thing remains constant—a feeling of joy.

It's this joyfulness that Kelsey strives to make accessible anywhere, anytime for anyone. Thus the birth of The Gold Karaoke Van, built with a mission to create what Kelsey calls gold moments; those special times when people are fully engaged, feel connected and relax into a sense of belonging. So far, so gold.